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Kutztown University Out of the Darkness Walk 2020 Opening Ceremony - Shared screen with speaker view
Bethany Brenner
Please mute yourself when you come into the zoom call! Thank you :)
Bethany Brenner
Hello everyone! In case of future issues with the power point, I have created a link to it for easier viewing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hWa3-HFR8PlyLPJhkLKfSNy3b2m0jmNM/view?usp=sharing
Tina Plank
My 18 year old son, Sam went to Kutztown University in 9/2017 for a semester. He died my suicide on March 5, 2018.Thank you ALL for supporting AFSP. I will always be Sam's voice.💜💙
Tina, thank you for sharing. You are doing amazing participating with AFSP and keeping your sons memory and voice known and heard :)
Jim Presto
I think this is the link: https://www.kutztown.edu/about-ku/administrative-offices/counseling-and-psychological-services.html
Bethany Brenner
This is the link to other pa county crisis resources: https://www.cor.pa.gov/Documents/PA%20County%20Crisis%20Contacts.pdf
Bethany Brenner
Here is the link to the donation page to see the top donaters and all those who donated. You can continue to donate as well! https://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=6682